Dave Fudge comes from the back streets of Newcastle and has lived a life in music. Turning 50 this year he feels like he’s just starting out after 25 years of playing in bands, busking on street corners, scraping by to make ends meet and put a positive message out into the world. 
Dave, after stints of living in Paris, San Francisco, New York and London settled in the oyster bed seaside town of Whitstable on the Kent coast, drawn there by love and the promise of a vibrant art and music community. When lockdown came, Dave who is also a school music and art teacher found himself in the unique position of having the time and space to concentrate on a new batch of songwriting. After meeting Matt Young his producer and bass player at an open mic night that Dave was running in town, the pair set to work tracking songs remotely and building their warm confident sound with retro sensibilities and a distinct lack of gimmicks. 
Dave's songs will appeal to lovers of classic Bryan Adams and Springsteen, it is pop with a sprinkle of country dust, give it a spin and see where it takes you?